Why Wall Panels?

Why You Should Use Panel Steel Wall Panels

Panel Steel is not just another steel fabrication company. Our prefabricated steel panel walls are a very unique system that are incorporated into metal deck, concrete and wood floor construction. Instead of stick building a wall at the construction site by measuring, cutting, welding, assembling, etc., Panel Steel fabricates and constructs the walls at our production facility. The walls are then delivered to the site for quick erection. This system dramatically improves construction time and quality control. Building time is reduced by nearly 70 percent because of this system.  The finished product is near perfect as other trades will testify there is no sinking, bowing, and other quality control issues that typically arise from stick built construction.

Please note, this system should be considered early during the design phases of the project. While steel prices continue to fluctuate, the efficiencies and productive stability continue to make it a better choice when compared to wood or traditional construction techniques that require onsite wall construction.

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